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Please note that this website DOES contain SPOILERS for the epic fantasy book series, so browsing, especially if you've never read any of the books, is at your own risk. You may get so spoiled with information that you won't resist the urge to BUY ALL BOOKS in a big splurge and then binge read them while on holiday from that stressful job you do. My books are wordy and contain hundreds of pages, and I won't ever apologize for either of these things. My books are for the readers who love devouring big books of fantasy, and the series can be compared, in terms of world building, somewhat similar to the works of either JRR Tolkien or Brandon Sanderson (based on my own assessment after reading both authors' work a few more times).

Note: if you read the books and you decide that the series also reminds you of other authors for comparison, please send Nathalie a message via her author page on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/nathaliemlromer