The world where the series takes place consists of other regions alongside Keldarra. The nations are Keldarra, Mycanthia, Queltha and the city state Achellon. Keldarra was established in the aftermath of the ending of the occupation of the Warlords, which happened three millennia earlier. More of the history will be described on history pages on this website.


The primary nation that's the focus of the story in the series The Wolf Riders of Keldarra is KELDARRA itself (obviously). It didn't start out with this name before it was invaded by the Warlords (also referred to as the "northern invaders"). Before they arrived it was the thriving nation by the name KELTANA.

Other nations you will see mentioned in the books are QUELTHA (where the Warlords come from), the city state ACHELLON (also referred to as Spires of Achellon) and MYCANTHIA (information about this nation will come later).


So the five nations, which includes the predecessor Keltana, will be discussed on the pages linked below.








The nations Keldarra and Mycanthia are separated by a vast ocean the people of Chiva'na call the Black Sea. The nations Keldarra and Queltha are closer, which contributes to the Warlords invading with such ease. Achellon is the closest neighbour with just a narrow channel of sea dividing them though the waters around the city nation are known to be treacherous and have resulted in ships sinking.